“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass It’s about learning to dance in the rain” ~ Vivian Greene
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Team Indus


If you were forced to pick two teams as the winners of the GLXP Competition, and you could not select your own team, who would they be?
Hypothetical questions are always tricky :) 
We did research all other registered teams to start off with, however on a regular basis we are happy to follow Evadot's GLXP Scorecard-so Astrobotic is a front runner for sure, and we would give Rocket City Space Pioneers (they have the people) and Moon Express (they have the money) and equal chance for a shot at the second spot. 

Why is it important to explore the moon?

Knowing ones own self is the most important journey that a person can undertake in his or her own life - without truly understanding the moon, without having real-time, at will access to the moon, we can never claim to truly understand our own Earth. Moon is not a neighbor, its a companion who is member of the same household - without knowing all about it, we can never really stake claim to meaningfully exploring space.


What success and failures has your team experienced? 

We are one of the newer teams on GLXP, its  been a few short exhilarating months - a few noteworthy incidents:


- A 7yr old wrote from his father's email address offering his "ideas and designs" for our team - Awesome!!! We did ask him to put together a team for Moonbots while we "mulled" over his suggestions

- We had a few interns "offer to pay" for Internship with us this summer - definitely not one of things we considered to fund our mission

- A "supporter" of Team Indus threatened us with dire consequences if we didnt do well - not bad for a new brand to have "die hard fans"


On the experiences we were are not so happy about - there are always the naysayers, there are ones you thought were on your side who didn't quite turn out that way and then of course some who laugh at you - nothing that one doesn't go through when one joins a new school midway through the academic session. We should survive and expect to come back and win them over at a later stage.


Do you use any small intricate plastic parts?

While plastic parts, super glue, duct tape and rubber bands form an integral part of all prototypes - they feature in our rover and lander prototypes as well - not too many of them will eventually make it to the final version.


What skills would you consider most important for students to learn, considering the jobs we will be working don’t exist today?

You would have heard this from a lot of sports personalities "going back to the basics to find my best" - the fundamentals, the basics, "the ability to derive answers using first principle" - will always hold you in good stead, know them well. And don't forget to experiment:


"The willingness to fail gives us the freedom to succeed" -- Vinod Khosla



What advice would your team give high school students?

The future is what you are going to make for yourself - be yourself, dont fear what lies ahead, fight hard play fair!

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass It’s about learning to dance in the rain?” ~ Vivian Greene



How could our team “Just Ducky” help your team?

A true supporter is like a friend - be there, do your thing, wish us well!


At the end of the race to the moon, win or not, what would you like the media to write about your team?

"Team Indus was amongst other things a true inspiration for the next generation of explorers & innovators"


Would you be willing to mentor our team?

We have resources dedicated to Education Outreach and Moonbots is the perfect opportunity to meet, reach out, learn, collaborate with young minds globally. Happy to mentor any, all teams that approach us - its up to you to select a mentor that can work effectively with you.


Would you please send team photos of your team, rover/hopper if available, or any other photos that you would want to share with the world?

Most of our media is still under development and likely be released early next month, there are however some photos, sketches on our facebook page which can download, check out our FB page - http://www.facebook.com/teamindus.in - we will be happy to have your support / "Like" us.




Team Indus


If you don’t win the race, what will your team have gained that may be just as important?
Winning is everything and yet the journey is equally, if not more, important! In a manner of speaking, the vision of all responsible organizations is to make our planet a better place to live in - and we believe we can do that irrespective of the outcome of our bid to win the Google Lunar X Prize. When planning a business we always look at the not-so-great-case scenario, we set out to achieve a global innovation organization, which would continue to work on ideas, technologies, initiatives that touch lives well beyond 2015.


Team Indus


What new technologies has your team developed during your participation in the "Race to the Moon"?

Early days, so we haven't yet developed these technologies - we are however at the design stage for two simple improvisations:

a) The Lunar lander will use a unique braking mechanism during its descent

b) The Lunar rover will use "differential electronic heating" to survive the night


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    Spacebots (Friday, 24 June 2011 07:33)

    Your doing awesome! Good luck!


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    Jake (Tuesday, 05 July 2011 22:19)

    Good Job Team Just Ducky! Good luck with Phase 2 of Moonbots!

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    Brynne, Kaitlin, Bethany and Emma (Thursday, 18 August 2011 12:23)

    Good luck guys, hope you are enjoying this as much as we did.